About me…

Welcome to my blog!

When I had started this page on WordPress,  I had a whole vision on  my life.

Why,  because since I remember  about myself,   all the beauties around me,  were there,  only for seeing and touching  them.  I admired Nature,  with all my five senses.  And my  native places are beautiful.  A small town,  at the bottom of the hills,  and a small and clear water river passes through the town…

I remember that my mother had fashion magazines,  from Budapest,  Hungary,  where my family used to travel for 10 years. All members of the family used to talk  Hungarian and Romanian. So,  when I was a young lady,  I wore beautiful clothes and accessories.  My beauty sense developed with me.

Later,  I started knitting for my family and for myself  ( sweaters, trousers, blouses,  skirts-unique ones),  but as a teacher,  I started to create my own way,  making decoration things for Schools Festivals.

After my retired,  I went to United States of America,  where,  for more than three years,  I had made special training in hand-made jewelry.  So,  I started a new and wonderful hobby,  the latest one. I am addicted now!  Many rings,  bracelets,  pendants ,  cuff-links and necklaces I created.  Magazines,  videos and connection with American designers,  make me improve every day activity.


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